A Chat with the Chair


Hi Chris, in addition to your role as Junior Coordinator you've also recently taken on the role of Chair at what is not just a testing time for the club but for the world as a whole. How important is it that the club continues to maintain its position at the heart of the community throughout this crisis?

I certainly have, it felt only right to step up and take up the position of Chair at these most worrying and uncertain times.


There is a good group of people on the executive and sub committee’s who are all keen to do their bit for DCC. The club needs everyone’s support more than ever, we need to make sure that when allowed, we come out of the other side of this in a strong sustainable position to grow and develop the game and our club. It has been good to see the players still be connected on social media and digitally, we have been in contact with our older members to make sure they are ok and safe, and our social media outlets have kept people informed.


The Executive Committee are doing lots in the background to make sure we are ready to go when safe to do so. There a few things lined up for the first weekend of cricket so please keep an eye on social media for this. Darwen has always been and will continue to be a massive part of the local community and the Town of Darwen.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Birch Hall very soon

What do you see as the biggest challenge in your new role?

The first challenge will be to make sure we get through this period financially but the Executive Committee are very confident of doing this as we are following up on all the help and support on offer for clubs like ours.


Once we return to a normal or something that looks like a normal the challenges or opportunities are similar to what they will always be for a club like Darwen. We need to make sure everything the club does is sustainable and growing in all areas of DCC life – all forms of our cricket provision, the ground, commercially, socially and from a business point of view. People are crucial to this and we need to grow our volunteer workforce to make sure lots of people are helping take our wonderful club forward. There is a greater number of people helping out now but we will never refuse more helpers.


A challenge for the next 12-24 months is to make sure our facilities, both cricket and commercial are modern and attractive to all users in our community as this is a major source of revenue for the club. We need to make sure our DCC product, the game and our facilities, are relevant, modern, are now and an attractive venue for anything cricket and social.


As a club we need to be up to date with the needs and wants of our members, local community and be fully aware of any opportunities to make our wonderful club even stronger, not just for us but for future generations

And finally, are you looking forward to getting the whites back on if and when we do get some cricket this summer?

Yes I am looking forward to getting the whites on and the Darwen cap. Matthew has been bowling to me on the drive so I’m ready to go. I miss the game, the competition but most of all the social side with teammates, members and the opposition.


I’m also looking forward to seeing all the junior #Towers at training and games. I always knew Darwen CC was a massive part of my life but this has shown just how much we are missing it.

I’m looking forward to being back at the club whether that be training, game day or at the bar.


See you soon, but take care and keep safe.