An interview with new 3rd XI Captain Craig Hall 

Hi Craig, you're about to start your first season as 3rd XI skipper, it must be strange not knowing when the season will begin or what kind of cricket will be played?

To state that the current status is surreal would be a gross understatement! It is hard to imagine what amateur cricket will be played this season when it’s professional partner and all other sport can’t begin to consider when they will start, if at all, and what competitions will be played.


Perhaps if any cricket survives it will be cup cricket in mini league format prior to a finals day to try and keep all clubs/teams active. 

Having played for a number of years, what are you looking to bring to the role of captain?

This was going to be my last season playing and hopefully help the club put in place a longer term 3rd XI captain. With the possibility of limited/no cricket being played I may have to rethink that plan as this doesn’t feel the right way to finish.


We have a great set of juniors who play regular 3rd XI cricket, there is a need to continue their cricket education and bring on their replacements as they look to push on, being part of that process over the last few years was one of the main reasons I took on the role for this season, to ensure they have fun and enjoyment whilst continuing to learn and make sure they know how to both win and lose in the right spirit

What would a successful season for the 3rd XI look like?

Any other season the stock answer would be to be competitive in the league, particularly at the latter end and have a good cup run whilst managing to get a few players having regular call ups to the 2nd XI.


This season is very different, success this year will be keeping the club alive, maintaining 4 teams for the following season, getting some cricket played in any format and ensuring all members of the club and their families are looked after and return to the club next season.

Who do you tip to have a break through season once the action gets underway?

Even though pre-season nets was abruptly cut short, it was great to see how many of the juniors wanted to train and interact with the seniors and learn from them.


There are several good prospects among them and it would be wrong to single out one from the others as they will all continue to develop at different rates whilst they continue to grow in stature and strength.

And finally, how are you keeping active in the current climate?

Cycling as been a passion of mine for a long time, it tends to be a winter pastime due to the amount of time taken up with cricket but with the delay in the season it means I get some summer miles in the legs for a change.


I limit this to 2 good 40/50 mile rides a week so that I can walk for exercise with Marie the other 5 days whilst we are limited to 1 form of exercise away from home per day. There are plenty of good hills close to home so you can always make it a tough workout.