An interview with Ladies Captain Emma Lowe

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Hi Emma, the women's section has gone from strength-to-strength since you formed a couple of years ago. How pleased are you with the number of girls getting involved?

The ladies team has developed in confidence, and I am really pleased with the amount of ladies that have joined as playing members this year.


However, we do need more women and girls involved, we still have a strong core of ladies who love to compete and will always be involved, but new blood is needed, it would be lovely to have a choice of players rather than hoping everyone can play, or even put forward another team.


We especially need younger players; we would love to build on our U10’s squad and move forward into other competition with the girls.

What has been the highlight for the team so far?

Well personally winning the indoor league in our second season, everything just came together, all the training, confidence and passion. We were brilliant, really did the badge proud and showed what we were capable of.


The biggest highlight of all for me is the fact that we have an active team, two years ago we were just a bunch of friends who fancied having some fun at Leyland’s Prosecco Cricket Festival, we went with the intention of just having fun, but when we finished 3rd out of 19 teams we realised we had potential.


Things moved quickly from there on in really, we found a sponsor, the amazing Lou Mac who wanted to be involved and has really supported our growth and ‘Girl Power’, we love that we have a female sponsor for our female team!!

We have so much fun as a team, it is full of amazing women who juggle training and games with family life and work. It’s the social side that really makes the difference, we are friends and that’s what makes the team so important to us all

What are your hopes for the 2020 season when it gets underway?

Well we played our indoor games; it wasn’t the most successful campaign this year as a few of the ladies were carrying injuries. But that’s gone now, and we are looking to the softball league and some festivals later in the summer.


The most exciting aspect of the season is that we are entered in our first ever hardball competition and games should begin for that towards the end of May.



Most, if not all of the team are ready to step up to hard ball, this is all down to Neil Cordingley, who is an amazing coach who gives up his own time to constantly make us better and thanks to him most of the team are ready to make the leap to the next format of the game.


I need to Thank Jo Cordingley too, as vice-captain she does an amazing job of keeping me on my toes with fixtures and training. Again, this is one of the reasons I love playing as I get to spend time with my best friends!!

Who would be your one to watch for 2020?

One to watch for the girls in the Juniors has to be Isobel Cordingley, she is a delight to watch, she trains hard and plays the same, you can just see that she loves the game, we were all really pleased when she got her call up to the Lancashire squad last year, personally we can’t wait for her to be old enough to represent the ladies team!


For the senior squad we will be delighted to welcome back Lesley after a break from the team, she is a brilliant team member who always plays with her heart on her sleeve, she too just loves it. I also look forward to seeing how Georgia can develop this season, she really found her feet in the indoor league, she is a wickedly fast bowler and her confidence in her batting has really improved.


I just can’t wait to get all the girls back together really; I miss them and on our day we are all a force to be reckoned with.

And finally, how are you keeping active during the current lockdown?

Well it’s been a struggle for me recently, I have been out of action since the end of last season with Achilles Tendinopathy, I have been in physio, which meant I haven’t been able to do anything really as its not something you just get rid of with rest.


However, just recently I have been walking lots more and putting it under more stress and with the guidance of my physio, I have begun to do more exercise of late. I would love to be back playing this season, but I will just have to see how my ankle holds up.

From a team point of view we have a WhatsApp group we regularly chat on. We also have we have Facebook Instagram and Twitter, however due to the current climate we can’t train, so these sites are mainly liking and retweeting posts that come from the main club site. We do get quite a bit of interest on these sites but at the minute we have no training to promote so its just club business.