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The 500 Club is run by The Friends of Darwen Cricket Club, our charitable arm that supports all investment in facilities and equipment at Birch Hall. Over the past 5 years, ‘The Friends’ have enabled us to install the new three-lane practice facility, refurbish the clubhouse and purchase vital maintenance equipment for the ground. Funds are generated through the 500 Club lottery which is drawn every month, with a minimum of seven cash prizes on offer. 

To sign up email to darwencc500club@gmail.com

Monthly Prizes
1st Prize £150
2nd Prize £50
3rd Prize £40
4th Prize £25
5th Prize £25
6th Prize £25
7th Prize £25

Plus Special Prizes:
(March) Easter £200
(June) Summer £200
(December) Christmas £500

NB: Only members who join three months prior to these dates will be entered in the Special Draws.

Rules of the Draw:
1. Subscriptions to the lottery shall be £4 per month, payable on the 1st of each month.

2. Only members who have no arrears at the date of each draw shall be eligible to enter the draw.

3. The Committee shall be entitled to deduct from the prize fund monthly running expenses for postage etc., not exceeding £20 and one half of the net subscriptions for each year commencing 1st April shall be paid out in prize money. The committee shall review prizes at three monthly intervals in the light of the number of new members of the lottery.

4. The results of each draw shall be published on the club website and newsletter (summer months only).

5. The Committee shall have powers to vary these rules as it, in its absolute discretion, thinks fit, provided a copy of the new rules is circulated to all members and no objections are raised by the membership within one month.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Emery at darwencc500club@gmail.com or 07970 736 296.

Winning Numbers 2020


£150 49 Darwen Rangers

£50 220 A Mercer

£40 33 A Rigby

£25 128 J Dearden

£25 75 V Charnock

£25 103 I Cordingley

£25 157 J Fish


£150 129 S Ainslie

£50 47 W Duckworth

£40 8 G Ainslie

£25 23 S Leonard

£25 88 PA Brown

£25 127 M Masser

£25 34 G Jackson

Easter Draw

£200 23 S Leonard


£150 8 G Ainslie

£50 179 M Bird

£40 215 M Douglas

£25 101 M Lawrenson

£25 6 J Thompson

£25 18 JP Thompson

£25 34 G Jackson


£150 121 N Burrows

£50 30 P Smith

£40 135 L Kay

£25 13 K Jennings

£25 213 S Walsh

£25 27 W Stemp

£25 83 G Clarke

Sign up now

Email - Darwencc500club@gmail.com


£150 137 N Cordingley

£50 25 R Taylor

£40 110 B Douglas

£25 183 E Walsh

£25 109 S Douglas

£25 71 D Willets

£25 26 R Taylor




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